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The solution and proactive customer service from Screentek has been the very best and we are confident in recommending it to others.

Fredrik Geelmuyden Fredrik Geelmuyden Norwegian Adventure Company

What our customers say:

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After considering several other booking solutions, we concluded that Screenbooking was the best system for selling our adventure travel packages. From the level where we did not sell online at all, Screenbooking was up and running and booking customers just a few days after we had confirmed our prices, text and images.
The solution and proactive customer service from Screentek has been the very best and we are confident in recommending it to others.

Fredrik Geelmuyden managing adventurer, Norwegian Adventure Company
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Screentek has provided an outstanding service and follow-up to get Screenbooking up and running. Our point of departure was a booking solution we had developed ourselves, which no longer satisfied the needs that we as a tour operator have in relation to efficiency and customer service support.
With Screentek, we have obtained a much better and more advanced booking solution, together with a provider that has also played the role of advisor and valuable conversation partner to achieve the best possible presentation of products, price models, payments and more. They have been truly dedicated to us as a customer. So far, we are very satisfied!

Andre Patay CEO, Joyrides Tours
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Manchester United Supporters Club Scandinavia is the world’s biggest supporters club for Manchester United.
One of our main areas of business is selling football trips to members in Norway, Sweden and Denmark to every home match at Old Trafford.
Screenbooking is well adapted to selling our trips and means that we save lots of time, at the same time as the customer experiences a professional and tidy process. Screentek is a serious booking provider that gives us quick and top-level personal follow-up. We recommend Screenbooking as a solution for others.

Jørgen Rangnes Manchester United Supporter club, Scandinavia
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We needed an online booking and ticket system for customers to gain entry to Geiranger Skywalk in Dalsnibba, both for agents and the public. However, we also needed a system that communicated with and opened the turnstile, even though the area has an unstable internet connection.
After our first season, we can conclude that everything has gone according to plan. Screenbooking has solved our challenges without problems.

Ann Kristin Mossberg CEO, Geiranger Skysslag
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Thousands of passengers go on cruises on the Statsraad Lehmkuhl every year, as well as all the public events that take place when the ship is docked. This high level of activity means that we are very dependent on a well-functioning booking system that also deals with payments, tickets, ticket scanning when boarding, debarkation cards, passenger lists, customer dialogue etc. Screentek is a provider that demonstrates a high level of customer service and Screenbooking has very much covered our needs.
We are a very satisfied customer!

Haakon S. Vatle Managing director of the Statsraad Lehmkuhl Foundation
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